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Johachim's letter
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After Luisa dies Basile brings up their son on his own, giving him lots of love, attention and tenderness, as well as lovingly prepared and slowly simmred meals.  Joachim is almost grown up now.

The relationship between father and son seems close and intimate but a certain uneasiness develops. In any case that is what Joachim feels and what he writes to Pierre, a childhood friend of his father’s, in a thinly disguised cry for help. In his mind Pierre is the only person capable of loosening the tangled cords tightening around Joachim and his father.

The film starts with Pierre’s unannounced arrival after ten years absence.

Laurence Voïta

Patrice Kerbrat
Michel Voïta
Colin Pahlisch
Yasmina Remil
Hélène Firla

Official Selection
San Francisco Short Film Festival 2006
Cinéma tout écran Geneva 2006

Direction price
Paris Short Film Festival 2006/7
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nicéphore productions films documentaires
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Directors: Daniel Bovard et Michel Voita
Year: 2006
Production: nicéphore productions
Length: 27 min.
Format: DVCam

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