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What do you know about it ? #2
The Beautiful Hotel
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Jean, who is a talented engineer consultant, is called by his old friend Franz – the manager of an architect’s office – to work on a big project. In order to thank Jean for his collaboration, Franz invites him to spend a few days at the Beautiful Hotel.

Jean is a husband and the father of two children, but when he travels he becomes a seducer to whom women rarely resist. There are a lot of young women at the Beautiful Hotel and Jean would be perfectly happy if he were not constantly badgered by a funny, witty, charming Russian countess… the eighty year old Eleonore.

Jean hates old people and Eleonore notices it quickly. She wants to teach him a lesson. So with the help of Florian, an extroardinary barman who is aware of everything happening at the hotel, she undertakes everything to make Jean understand that seducing is not a matter of age.

Laurence Voïta

Nadine Alari
Patrice Kerbrat
Michel Voïta
Frédérique Landenberg
Khany Hamdaoui
Hélène Firla

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Directors: Daniel Bovard et Michel Voita
Year: 2008
Production: nicéphore productions
Length: 30 min.
Format: DVCam

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