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These three Young musicians met during an international music festival in 1996, where they assisted to the master classes given by the greatest and most well-known Masters originating from Eastern Europe, Moscow and Budapest in particular.

Despite the diversity of the courses followed in the prosecution of their studies and their different geographical residences, their deepest and their indestructible friendship as well as their common passion for music and for their instruments always succeeded to join them.

Thanks to the experience secured in the highest music academies, they always found the way to meet, to satisfy their passion and to ascertain the similarity of their musical sensibility.

Considered as one of the best groups of the chamber music new generation, the Trio Lenitas asserts itself in the absolutely pure tradition of the classic music and in the wish of an authentic expression, warm, cordial and inspired.

The Trio Lenitas proposes a wide and varied register, always asserting ease, competency and personal style. They have given many performances in Europe. They also regularly participate to broadcasting events.

The Trio Lenitas is able to play any piece from the string trio and piano quartet registers.

Serge Charlet violin
François Martigne viola
Guillaume Martigne cello
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Directors: Sylvie Théraulaz, Nicolas Baillie, Florian Burion,
Daniel Bovard, Pierre-Yves Mingard
Year: 2014
Production: trio lenitas et nicéphore productions
Length: 3 min.
Format: HD
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